Fuyang Gold City Machinery Co.,Ltd

About Us
Fuyang Gold City Machinery Co., Ltd is a manufacturer in China carrying out EPS Raw Material,EPS Machine,EPS Mould and EPS Spare Parts production. The company provides service to domestic and overseas in EPS,EPS Machine ,EPS Mould with its wide and comprehensive operation field, technological machinery, detailed and functional operation equipment and experienced personnel. Founded in 1986 at Hanhzhou by producing EPS machine , backed up with about 30 years manufacturing experience. It has been turned out to be one of the most famous EPS machine manufacturers in China from a small family run workshop with just 3-5 workers. Gold City has always developed itself, followed the changes in the world closely and meets the requirements in its field. The company pioneers EPS and EPS Mould product portfolio with new ideas and their implementation.
Products and services
EPS Expandable Polystyrene EPS Raw Material EPS Machine EPS Mould EPS Shape Moulding Machine